shenanigans are afoot

I'm sorry I misunderstood the seriousness of your walrus reference





Just a set of quick photos I did for class.

this is what chronic illness looks like. :( this is what I go through every single day. Only I’m at half empty before I even get out of bed… :\

exactly what chronic illness looks like. mental or physical. this is a great illustration, which perhaps people with more empathy than “you lazy bum” can relate to

??? i don’t have a chronic illness but this is how i felt 100% of the time in high school

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THE SIREN INITIATIVE. It has always been a sad and unfortunate superstition that women were bad luck to have aboard a ship - and, as such, there have been many women thrown over the rails and into the water. But as the water filled their lungs, they finally found fins to call their own. Ruling at sea, they drown sailors in revenge for their deaths, and aid and support the all-woman pirate crew of Captain Isobel Maulie.

Inspired by this collection of posts.

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